We at GOLDEN MOTORS believe that the true value to a previously owned car, is how many healthy years you will get out of it, before it starts costing lots of money to keep up. That is primarily determined by three factors:

  1. How it was driven
  2. How it was maintained
  3. Were there any consequential accidents

With these in mind, we set out to thoroughly investigate the history of every vehicle we buy for inventory, Only once we are convinced that it indeed has been properly owned do we purchase it. Additionally, before any sale takes place, the car is fully inspected by our mechanics, and gets any service that is needed.

Often we will buy vehicles that fit the above noted criteria at sharp discounts, because they may have had a minor cosmetic flaw. Some examples may be a broken mirror, a crack in the windshield, a minor dent, a few scratches etc..

While some consumers believe that low mileage is advantageous, we believe that high mileage vehicles that were highway driven have far less wear & tear then their local use counterparts and sometimes can cost significantly less. So more life for less money! This fact does not preclude well maintained properly driven low mileage local cars. However, since the market puts much emphasis on mileage, those vehicles will cost more.

As a registered CarFax Dealer, all our cars come with free CarFax reports upon request.