Golden Motors is a natural outgrowth of its parent company Leaseland Auto Inc. Since 1991 Leaseland has been leasing and selling new cars throughout the United States & Canada. In addition, they hand-picked the nicest lease returns and sold them as well.

With thousands of satisfied customers, many of whom are third generation loyal fans, the demand for quality used cars quickly outpaced the carefully selected supply. Hence, the need to fill that demand and a method to tap into the larger pool of used cars without sacrificing the quality that made us what we are, was developed.

“Golden Motors” – the name speaks for itself. Every car we sell is hand picked and must pass a rigorous battery of tests to gain entry to our lot (see our Trademark Gold Coin System). We need to feel very confident that the vehicle was properly owned and properly cared for in its prior life. Besides reviewing its history, we have a checklist that allows us to accurately assess how a car was driven and maintained. With extreme attention to detail, each car is fully serviced before delivery to make sure its new owner will not be running to replace his tires, brakes or oil any time soon.